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After two decades providing educational tutoring to the students of the Central Coast, the Education First Tuition Centre in East Gosford has changed hands. Tony and Angela Hollins have been fixtures in the community for many years. Since 1996 they have assisted more than three thousand students of all ages from pre-Kinder to HSC in Maths, English, Reading and Science to ‘Catch up, Keep up and Stay ahead’.

The new owners of the business, Chris and Hannah Benjamin, are experienced tuition centre operators. They will be integrating their existing Master Coaching Centre in Wyoming with Education First to continue to provide a broad range of educational support, diagnostic assessment, and quality tuition. “We are passionate in our commitment to high quality education and in helping every student achieve their best.”

Tony said he is proud of the great work of the dedicated team of teachers who work hard to inspire their students to achieve their potential at school. “Our teachers have a real passion for getting to know each student and what makes them tick,” he said. “Angela and I are delighted that we have found such exceptional people as Chris and Hannah to continue helping families on the Central Coast who want to make sure their children have every opportunity to do well at school.”

Angela said she especially wants to thank the parents and grandparents of the students for their trust and support. “Some students continued tuition over many years, and it has been a pleasure getting to know the families and children as they have grown up. Many students have returned many years later to bring their own children along for tutoring and we hope that they continue to do so for many years to come.”



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Let Education First assess your child's learning needs and plan a comprehensive program that will lead to improved performance and better school results. We offer professional tuition for all students from Pre-Kinder to Year 12. We cater for all levels of ability, from remedial to average to extension. We help students to catch up, keep up and get ahead. We cover Mathematics, English, Reading and Science. We help students prepare for all school tests and exams, including the Opportunity Class, Selective Schools, NAPLAN and the HSC.

"We wish we had gone to you sooner. We had tutors coming to our house and tried other education centres, but we wasted time and money. You achieved more with our daughter than all the others combined because you helped her to believe in herself." Read more testimonials from parents and students...

Students - get SMART and set some goals for the school year

Are you happy with your performance at school last year? Would you like to do better? Wishing will not make it happen – you need to set some goals. Can you tell the difference between a wish and a goal? A goal is a result you desire, toward which you direct an effort. A wish is made by a person who also desires a result, but who really doesn’t believe that anything they do will help them achieve the result. Download the complete article.


Q. How can an hour or two of tuition each week possibly achieve the results we are seeking?

A. Our Learning Boost Formula helps students to improve in the four key areas of motivation, confidence, calmness and concentration. We foster positive attitudes of persistence and patience that help students overcome obstacles and learn from the mistakes that are an inevitable part of learning. We help students to use simple memory techniques to learn quickly and remember easily. Download our Learning Boost Article.

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Pre-Kinder Literacy Program

This twenty-week program starts in June and is for children starting school next year. The skills of phonemic awareness (sounds) and visual discrimination (letters and words) are learnt in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Children learn to read two-letter and three-letter words. The program includes writing, drawing and counting. Parents are very involved in this enjoyable program and are invited to attend part of the sixty-minute session each week with their children. There are also take-home activities that make it easy for parents to help their children. Read more about the Pre-Kinder Literacy Program ...


Selective Schools and Scholarship Test Preparation

We are very proud ofthe efforts of our Year 5 and 6 students in aiming to to reach the highest level of which they are capable. Many of our students gain a place at Gosford High School, even though over 1000 students apply for the 180 positions each year. Our students are also offered scholarships to non-government schools. We prepare many students in our program that covers mathematics, reading comprehension, written expression, general ability and exam techniques. The 45-week program starts at the beginning of Year 5. Year 5 students are welcome to enrol at any time, however the program is not individualised for those starting later in the year. There is a lot of material to cover, so it is not realistic to expect success when starting preparations later in the year. For the same reason, we do not enrol Year 6 students into this program. More information about the Selective Schools Test Preparation program ....


Money-back guarantee

Education First is the no-risk choice, as we offer you a money-back guarantee. We will refund all fees for the first four weeks of tuition if you are not completely satisfied. Since 1996 we have helped over three thousand students to catch up, keep up and get ahead.
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