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English / Essay Writing / Mathematics / Science

HSC MathsWe can help you to finish your school education in a calm and confident manner. Our weekly tuition sessions, special study skills workshops and practice exams will help if you are worried about:
Getting and staying motivated
Getting all your study done in time
Memorising everything you have to
Stressing out in exams and forgetting what you know
Achieving the results of which you are capable
Getting into your choice of University or TAFE course or having other good post-school options
Information regarding each of our weekly tuition programs is set out below to help you decide what would be most beneficial for you.

Fees and timetable

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English Years 11-12

A strong performance in English is the foundation of a good HSC result, as it is the only compulsory subject, with at least two units counted in the ATAR. Our weekly sessions in the Standard and Advanced courses develop reading and writing skills in a range of text forms. You will focus on the texts you are studying at school, as well as the common Area of Study. You will learn to analyse texts in a very sophisticated way. There is a lot of jargon in the senior English courses. We help you to incorporate this jargon and all the other important devices in your written responses. This allows you to score maximum marks in assessment tasks and exams.

Essay Writing Years 11-12

If you know your material but lose marks for wandering off the topic, running out of time or not expressing yourself clearly, this course is a must. Advanced Essay Skills is a ten-week course designed to help you develop strong essay writing skills. This is very useful, especially if you have a number of essay-writing subjects. You will first be helped to master the logical process of planning, drafting, editing, proofing and redrafting essays. You will then develop strategies for sourcing information and incorporating your own ideas into different types of essays. Finally, you will learn how to write essays in minimum time for maximum results. Courses start in Week 1 each term.

Mathematics Years 11-12

Students are often surprised to learn how many occupations involve the use of mathematics. If you are considering studying any mathematics at university level, you are advised to do the Extension 1 course at least. A good result in HSC mathematics requires lots of practice. Our weekly sessions in the General Mathematics, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 courses are designed to maximise marks for you in your school and external exams. We do this by clearing up any misunderstandings you have with your current topics, showing the most effective ways of setting out solutions and organizing revision of earlier topics. Practice exams allow you to check your progress and then fine-tune your studies.

Physics and Chemistry Years 11-12

These weekly sessions help students to develop their understanding of current topics before trying to memorise them. An ongoing revision program also helps to keep earlier topics fresh.  We provide practice in responding to exam-style questions, which is very useful in these courses.

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