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Year 9 to 10 MathematicsResearch has found a strong link between students’ performance in Year 9 and 10 and their results in the HSC. It makes sense that if you are doing well at the middle secondary level you will be full of confidence as a learner and will be developing good study habits. Many students of this age are unsure of the future direction of their study and career. It is important that you do well in as many subjects as possible at this level. This allows you a good range of subjects to choose from for Years 11 and 12.

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English and Study Skills Years 9 to 10

A strong performance in English is the foundation of a good HSC result, as it is the only compulsory subject, with at least two units counted in the UAI. This makes it very important for you to be developing your English skills before starting Year 11.  This program covers reading comprehension and written expression of a wide range of text types such as discussion, exposition, information reports, media texts and poetry.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure are covered in depth.  Students learn to analyse and write texts, including essays, in a very sophisticated way.  Study skills covered include researching, note-taking and summarising, mind-mapping, memory techniques, time management and goal setting. The skills that students develop in this program are helpful across a range of subjects. 

Essay Writing Years 10 (ten-week course)

If you know your material but lose marks for wandering off the topic, running out of time or not expressing yourself clearly, this course is a must. Advanced Essay Skills is a ten week course designed to help you develop strong essay writing skills. This is very useful, especially if you have a number of essay-writing subjects. You will first be helped to master the logical process of planning, drafting, editing, proofing and redrafting essays. You will then develop strategies for sourcing information and incorporating your own ideas into different types of essays. Finally, you will learn how to write essays in minimum time for maximum results. Courses start in Week 1 each term, and the tuition fee is $50 per 60-minute session.

Mathematics Years 9 to 10

This program covers all number operations, fractions, decimals and percentages, measurement, geometry, algebra and equations. You will receive help with your current topics, while our revision program will help you to do well in exams. Research has shown that the students who perform at the highest levels in the HSC mathematics courses are those with well-developed numeracy skills. We therefore include numeracy activities in our sessions, teaching  students to use calculators only when appropriate.

Science Years 9 to 10

There is so much content in the science course it can be tricky for you to stay on top of it all. These weekly sessions will allow you to develop your understanding of your current topics fully before trying to memorise them. The sessions are interactive, engaging you and other students with the teacher in a combination of visual, verbal and practical learning modes. An ongoing revision program will also help you to keep earlier topics fresh. We provide practice in responding to exam-style questions, which is very important in these courses.

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