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Pre-Kinder Literacy Program

This twenty-week program is offered in Terms 3 and 4 for children starting school the following year. The skills of phonemic awareness (sounds) and visual discrimination (letters and words) are learnt in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Children learn to read two-letter and three-letter words. The program includes writing, drawing and counting. Parents are very involved in this enjoyable program and are invited to attend part of the sixty-minute session each week with their children. There are also take-home activities that make it easy for parents to help their children.

This program aims to prepare young children for school in such a way that they will be full of confidence in themselves as learners and readers. All children joining this program will initially be assessed for phonic knowledge, visual and auditory perception skills and concentration, so that any possible barriers to learning can be identified and addressed.

The program is conducted in small groups of six to eight children. This provides the environment in which children can develop confidence in speaking to the class, the ability to be polite and take turns and to follow the teacher’s instructions.

Level One of the Pre-Kinder Program covers the following in ten weeks:
• the English alphabet
• the sounds made by each vowel and consonant
• identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds in words
• rhyming words

Level Two of the Pre-Kinder Program covers the following in ten weeks:
• revision of level one knowledge and skills
• reading and writing letters
• blending sounds together to make words
• a short list of basic sight words
• reading short stories

In 2015 the program will start in the week commencing Tuesday 14 July.

Fees and timetable

The fee for the initial assessment is $45. An administration fee of $15 per family is payable at the start of each term. Tuition fees for the Pre-Kinder Program are $40 per 60-minute session. Total cost for the 20-week program is $875 including GST.

Timetable for 2015 - extra classes may be added as needed.

Subject Day Time Vacancies
Tuesday 1:30 PM YES
Wednesday 1:30 PM YES
Thursday 1:30 PM YES


Download the full guide to the Pre-Kinder Literacy Program.

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